54% of Tucsonans get their coupons from ads in the mail or from the weekday Arizona Daily Star. With Buyer’s Deals you can reach consumers in both a mail product and newspaper delivered product.


Published Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Mailed Distribution: 330,000 copies

Wednesday Arizona Daily Star: 90,000 copies

Total Distribution: 420,000 copies

–Delivered to 100% of all households in the Tucson area

–Mailed to 330,000 households; 90,000 delivered in the Wednesday Arizona Daily Star wrapping the Wednesday Star inserts

–Covers the entire Tucson Metropolitan area including Oracle and Mammoth

Provides high visibility with white, bright upgraded paper stock

–Direct Mail content leader with the addition of major grocers, department stores and service providers.

Buyer's Deals

Buyer’s Deals, a coupon feature of Buyer’s Edge, provides you with unprecedented reach of the Tucson area.  Buyer’s Deals is distributed within Buyer’s Edge 24 times throughout the year.