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Video Marketing


Creating and implementing video marketing can help you grow your business. Your video can attract and educate consumers about your product or service and then help convert them into customers.

Consumers love video. It can be entertaining, informative and, above all, easy to digest.

Marketers love video because of the ROI via multiple channels.

But, above all, it’s easier to produce and distribute than you think… and that’s where the Arizona Daily Star can help.

Take a look at our samples below. Then, fill out the contact form. A representative will contact you within 24 hours to show you how you can grow your marketing ROI with video.

Look At Our Work

Below is some of our work we're most proud of. Please take a few minutes and see what we can do for your business. Then fill out the form above so one of our reps can reach out, help you decide what your needs are and start the process to better ROI.

Do you need a 15-30-second, broadcast-quality commercial
filmed, edited and distributed?
"Fitz!" 30-second commercial aired on Arizona Public Media
(PBS channel 6 in Tucson).
Starring David Fitzsimmons, award-winning editorial cartoonist with the Arizona Daily Star. The spot was written, filmed and edited by our crack team.
Do you require a 15-30-second ad but the budget doesn't allow for filming?
"We're Open" is a 30-second, multi-media, advertising campaign created for the Arizona Daily Star Advertising Department. The entire commercial was created using both available stock video and photographs created by the Star's photographers. As well, we created a script and the voiceover for the project. Music was added to tie the project together.
Does your charity or foundation require a message that reaches out, touches the viewer and drives donations?
 "Help Us Keep the House Lights on at Home" is a 30-second promotional campaign for a fund created by the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona and the Arizona Daily Star. The purpose of the fund was to raise money for Southern Arizona theater workers disenfranchised by COVID-19.
Do you need proper exposure for your upcoming event?
A project between Pima Community College and Goodwill of Southern Arizona highlighting their Upcycling project. The idea was to bring students from PCC’s Fashion Design Class together to learn how to “upcycle” used clothing into new uses. Goodwill provided the clothing for the students to use. It culminated in a fashion show, displaying the designs of the students… many of whom have moved on professionally with their own upcycling projects. You can find all of the individual videos below.
Do you need to let your customer base know that you're open, Covid-Compliant and ready to serve their needs?
"Together Tucson," is a short series created in May 2020 for the Arizona Daily Star, reaching out to both advertisers and readers.
Do you need a sizzle reel of a recent event to use for your next event?
"#This Is Tucson's 2019 School & Camp Fair." Highlights from the March 2019 event.

Do You Want More?

Please continue on through our portfolio of work if you'd like to do a deep dive into what we can create for you.
2020 Readers' Choice Ad Promo
A 15-second spot created as an advertising sample.
Together Tucson - Advertisers Version
May 2020
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Karina Ochoa - February 2020
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Emma West - February 2020
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Elizabeth Webb - February 2020
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Tiana Alcala Padilla - February 2020
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Hannah Nishimura - February 2020
Goodwill of Southern Arizona
15-second promotional video - December 2019
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Upcycling promotional video - March 2019
Goodwill / Pima Community College "Upcycling"
Upcycling promotional video - March 2019
2019 Readers' Choice Event
"2019 Readers' Choice Sizzle Reel," a 90-second marketing piece created for the Arizona Daily Star's Marketing Department, promoting their recent event.
Alien Atmospher Sizzle Reel
Sizzle reel created for a local band, Alien Atmosphere, highlighting their latest release, "Sail Away." April 2019
2018 Readers' Choice Sizzle Reel
 A 90-second video created for the Arizona Daily Star promoting their recent event. September 2018
One of a series of videos created for the Arizona Daily Star Circulation Department, highlighting Sunday Sales. July 2018
Golden Goose Thrift Store
A 30-second promo commercial for the Golden Goose Thrift Store in SaddleBrooke. Part of a series. December 2019
Wildcaster Sizzle Reel
A 15-second sizzle reel promoting the Arizona Daily Star's newest podcast, The Wildcaster. February 2018
AUV Flight Services
A 30-second promo created for AUV Flight Services. January 2018
Black Friday Promo
A Black Friday promotion for the Arizona Daily Star. November 2017